Why Fair Squares ?

Housing is becoming less and less affordable every year, a growing social economic problem. The gap between social housing and the free market is large and growing. Current markets are profit maximization driven, where affordable housing suffers (Binnenlands bestuur, 2020). A problem that citizens, institutions, governments, owners and investors can structurally solve with innovative and ecosystem-based experiments.

What is it?

The FS core is the implementation of rental agreements and social co-investment returns. The goal is to increase availability of affordable housing while investors make a decent return on their social investment. The innovation is the open platform nature where individuals through communities (crowds) can own, manage homes and newcomers can easily enter the market.

How ?

FS connects supply and demand of housing directly. We remove the financial barrier by allowing multiple people to invest in a home. In addition, we reduce transaction costs by replacing management and coordination of supply and demand with the FS platform, protocol and intended application. The hypothesis is that the rent of an average (free market) owner-occupied house in the Netherlands of €1250 can be organized for €850 with new organization technology.

On the one hand because no mortgage is needed anymore and on the other hand because with new organization technology we reduce “coordination and management” waste. To realize the first working minimum viable product we will use existing open source blockchain software.